Ricky & Greg see Ghost

Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear have signed on to star in the upcoming romantic comedy GHOST TOWN for DreamWorks. OK, two things. One, GHOST TOWN doesn't seem like much of a romantic comedy. It sounds more like a sequel to GHOST SHIP, a movie that certainly doesn't need a sequel. Second, Gervais and Kinnear starring in a romantic comedy? I'd love for them to be romantic interests for each other but sadly I don't think that's gonna happen. The film, from what we know at this early point, follows a misanthropic dentist who, after a botched surgery, gains the ability to help the dead contact the living. No word on what roles Gervais or Kinnear would be playing. I'm assuming Gervais is the dentist and is contacted by a man (Kinnear) looking to get in touch with his wife. Like GHOST but funnier (??) and without Vincent Schiavelli. DreamWorks paid $2 million for the rights just based on a 2005 pitch by Koepp ($2 mil for a pitch?!). Koepp, who recently wrote the INDIANA JONES 4 script, will direct from his own script. Filming is scheduled to begin in October.

Extra Tidbit: Koepp's other directing efforts include STIR OF ECHOES and SECRET WINDOW.
Source: Variety



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