Ricky is a blogga

Ricky Gervais has yet to make a mistake. From THE OFFICE to EXTRAS to his podcast, everything he’s done/created has been hugely successful and incredibly well-received. I’m guessing his feature directorial debut will be no different. And Ricky, being the generous genius he is, is taking us along through the film’s production on his newly created blog. This online journal includes video clips and written updates (they’re almost finished casting).

Gervais co-wrote the film with Matt Robinson, who will join him in the director’s chair as well. Matt will sit in Ricky’s lap. The film is called THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH and stars Gervais as a history professor who invents the concept of lying. He soon uses his newfound powers to woo a female he normally wouldn’t have a shot at (I just saw one of those on the street 10 minutes ago. She was um, wow.) played by Jennifer Garner. Jonah Hill and Louis C.K.costar.

Extra Tidbit: Gervais is also currently writing a film with OFFICE and EXTRAS partner Stephen Merchant.
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