Riddick 3's plot revealed in first script review

It's a franchise that continues to exist, despite a emphatic fanbase of one (Vin Diesel) and it's getting a third installment in the form of THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: DEAD MAN STALKING. Yes, that's the actual title. 

Ah, I’m just kidding, I know there's a pretty loyal fan following out there of the Riddick series and hell, I love PITCH BLACK and can even tolerate parts of the sequel. But with less than impressive box office totals, I’m surprised this series keeps getting greenlights, and judging by the script for the third film that’s just been uncovered, it seems there’s more than just a mere trilogy theoretically planned.

CoronaComingAttractions got an exclusive look at the script, and we can see how it bridges to the last film, as well as what’s in store for the future. Minor opening spoilers ahoy.

We get a taste of what life was like for Riddick after killing the Lord Marshal. Vaako, Karl Urban's Necromonger, is Riddick's right-hand man and loyal to him -- to a point -- but every day more of the Necros aren't. Y'see, Riddick hasn't accepted the vow of being the Lord Marshal to the Necromonger army and that's fostering resentment amongst their number.

Assassins are coming from out of the shadows and Riddick knows that he can't kill every one of them, so he pitches a deal to Vaako: take him to his long lost home planet of Furya and he'll bail and give the Necros to Vaako. Even though Vaako can't understand why anyone would want to volunteer to give up the universe's biggest army of bad guys, Number Two Necro dude still follows the orders of his commander and orders course to Furya. Then things go south, brutal and hard for Riddick and Vaako, and Riddick winds up left for dead on another mean-ass planet populated with a fair selection of nasty creatures. Which brings up back to the opening scene of Dead Man Stalking.

Read the rest of the breakdown at the site. The best news here is that at least in script form, the film is free from the bondage of a PG-13 rating, and is allegedly a pretty hard-R, as a mass murderering badass like Riddick deserves. I'll tune in for that.

Extra Tidbit: This is great and all, but how come a sci-fi series like Riddick can get three movies, and a work of true genius like Firefly only got one?



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