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Riddick/Ghostbusters games


Fans of the GHOSTBUSTERS and RIDDICK movies were thrilled to know they were getting pseudo-sequels, just in videogame form. That was, until the publisher Vivendi merged with Activision and the games got dumped from the schedule.

Cheer up! Both games are officially no longer homeless. Atari has grabbed both games, and plans to release them next year (the 25th anniversary for the spook-shooters).

Both games, THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: ASSAULT ON DARK ATHENA and the console-based GHOSTBUSTERS sequel, were far along in development when they got the shaft. Both feature input from the original talent - Vin Diesel's company Tigon is putting together the Riddick game, and the initial quartet of GHOSTBUSTERS is providing vocal talent for their digital likenesses.

Other games from the Activision culling, including movie properties SCARFACE and the BOURNE series, and the Jack Black metal adventure BRUTAL LEGEND, are still seeking new homes.

Extra Tidbit: The game ESCAPE FROM BUTCHER BAY offers further details on the origin of Riddick's "eyeshine".
Source: Variety



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