Ridley on Nottingham

If there's an concept that I really like to see in films, it's the whole taking of a classic story and flipping it on its head. So naturally, I'm looking forward to Ridley Scott's re-telling of the Robin Hood story, with his film NOTTINGHAM. The man himself was on hand to tell MTV a little somethin' somethin' about the plot; “Richard the Lionheart is on his return from the Crusades [when] he took an arrow in his neck and died... His brother, John, [who becomes king], was actually pretty smart... [But] he got a bad rap because he introduced taxation. So he’s the bad guy in this.” Meanwhile, he said, “You’ve got the returning Nottingham (played by Russell Crowe) who is the right hand man of Richard and witnesses Richard taking the arrow, and so he comes back to England to carry forward Richard’s dream about England.” Click HERE for the rest of the interview, wherein producer Brian Grazer calls the film "the ‘Gladiator’ version of Robin Hood".
Extra Tidbit: Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi were both in contention for directing duties on NOTTINGHAM.
Source: MTV



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