Ridley Scott and cast discuss the creation of Prometheus in this excellent featurette

Are you tired about PROMETHEUS yet? Nah, me either.

To go along with the exceptional international trailer released yesterday, Fox has released a featurette regarding the creation of PROMETHEUS. Aside from Ridley Scott and the cast, the featurette includes comments from screenwriters Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof.

Things like this just make me itch with anticipation for PROMETHEUS to hit screens already. You would think that the minds that came up with such an intricate universe would believe in the possibility of space travel. Well, you will be a little disappointed to learn writer Jon Spaihts is a bit of a buzzkill in that department.

Spaihts told Forbes recently “Science fiction has taught us to see the universe as vastly smaller and less energetic than it is. Space travel involves such mind-boggling distances and high energies that I think most people have no idea how difficult it is.” He paused for a moment. “My personal belief is that as much as I love science fiction, human beings will never reach another star.”

He goes on to discount androids and other technological advancements that he incorporates into his screenplays. A little disappointing, but maybe you have to separate reality from fiction to tell a good story.

Don't forget, PROMETHEUS opens in 38 days!

Source: Forbes



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