Ridley Scott to make Monopoly

Wait a minute, what?

Apparently, legendary film-maker Ridley Scott believes it would be a great career move to make a feature film adaptation of the popular board game Monopoly.

Please, please, please do not take that as anything more than entertaining rumor. Because the idea of a Monopoly movie is one of the worst ideas ever, and not just in film. The article giving rise to this news further insults our intelligence by reporting that Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst are being considered for roles. Erm... As who exactly? If you ask me, the closest Monopoly should ever get to cinema, is when Ace Ventura thanks that guy for the free parking and then knocks him out in ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS. Finally, the article claims that Hasbro wants the film to feature "sexy young people" because it wants more teenagers to play Monopoly. I'm not really sure what to say about that, I'm pretty sure that no joke is necessary.

I'm going to look really stupid if this actually happens.
Extra Tidbit: Actually, I hope this film does get made. I'd love to see Scarlett Johansson play the 'Community Chest'... if you know what I mean.
Source: News.au



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