Ridley vs. Technology

So apparently it's round two of the celebrity mega death match, Ridley Scott vs. The Spectre of Technology. His latest comments came during the Venice Film Festival:

"People sit there watching a movie on a tiny screen. You can't beat it, you've got to join it and deal with it and also get competitive with it. But we try to do films which are in support of cinema, in a large room with good sound and a big picture...I'm sure we're on a losing wicket, but we're fighting technology. While it has been wonderful in many aspects, it also has some big negative downsides."

Hmm, I love what technology is doing for film. BRICK is one of my all-time favorite movies and Rian Johnson could have made that for five bucks and a camera, but I want to see TRANSFORMERS or even ARMAGEDDON every now and then, too. I'm pretty sure that's technology for ya. And sure, people watch a lot more movies at home, but do we really think people are stopping going to the cinema? Will they ever? Didn't SPIDERMAN 3 just make like a bazillion dollars in cinemas? What do you guys think? All I know is that if nothing else, having recently become single, I need the cinema because I'm boring as hell and my first port of call with a chick is to take her to a movie. 'Hey baby why don't we slip back to my pad and crack out GOODFELLAS?' probably scores you a lot less dates in the long run.
Extra Tidbit: Possible reasons Ridley Scott is unhappy with his movies' success and is using technology as a scapegoat: 1. He's English (we blame everyone/everything) 2. A MONOPOLY movie sounds like a good idea to him; and 3. [On why his movies don't have sex scenes] "Sex is boring unless you're doing it." Tell that shit to WILD THINGS, Rid.
Source: Film Stalker



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