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Rinsch has Ronin


If you're familiar with the name of Carl Rinsch at all, it's probably because he was briefly attached to direct the ALIEN prequel (before Fox apparently decided otherwise).

But now Rinsch, an accomplished commercial director with ties to Ridley and Tony Scott, has a new project on his plate: Universal's big-budget period project 47 RONIN.

Keanu Reeves is going to be one of those Ronin in the epic about swordsmen avenging their slain master in 18th century Japan. Though based on a true story, the movie will contain gritty battle scenes and stylized fantasy elements (other than the somewhat-Asian Keanu). The script comes from writer Chris Morgan (WANTED, FAST & FURIOUS).

Those of you waiting for the eventual adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel RONIN or the oft-mentioned TV series based on the 1998 action movie RONIN will have to remain patient.
Extra Tidbit: Period swordsman movies can be good for bank accounts -- THE LAST SAMURAI pulled in $455 million worldwide.
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