RIP: Dan Epstein

Writing an article about someone who has just died is always difficult. When it's someone you admired, it's especially hard. When it's someone you knew and admired, it's brutal. Unfortunately this is a particularly brutal article to write. Dan Epstein, a friend, colleague and all-around good guy - who you know from his work at UGO, Suicide Girls and Coming Soon - has passed away at the age of 31. 31. Details of his passing are scarce at this point but that's just too damn young for anyone to leave us. Dan was an especially warm and charming guy who was always a blast to hang with at a press event. I remember sharing a seat with him on a bus in the Bahamas while covering CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and having a great conversation about life. Often times when we web writers get together we talk too much movies, celebrities, work, etc. But Dan and I just rapped about marraige, growing up, music and all kinds of things. He was always one of the first people I'd go up to and shake hands with at any press function. He was completely devoid of pretension and always ready with a smile.

Just yesterday afternoon I got an e-mail from Dan and we were going to meet - along with a few other colleagues - in New York City for drinks and dinner. Less than 24 hours later, he's gone. Do yourself a favor and Google "Daniel Robert Epstein". He's amassed an amazing amount of work throughout the years and has some fantastic interviews. More detail will be passed along when I have it. Thanks to Ed Douglas and ComingSoon.net for the heads up.

Source: Coming Soon



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