RIP Halo

Yeah, we've been hearing this for a while, but we all harbored a secret hope that it might be wrong. But alas, Neil Blomkamp has pretty much confirmed that the HALO movie is dead. The big screen adaptation of the insanely popular XBox title looked to be moving along nicely for a while, but with concerns over an escalating budget, it looks like the studios have finally and ultimately pulled the plug. "The film is entirely dead. In the configuration it was in. Whatever happens with that movie, assuming that movie gets made, will be a totally different configuration. It's not so much me as the entire vessel sankā€¦" Blomkamp told Creativity Online. Which sucks, I thought the work he did on those shorts was fantastic and boded wonderfully for the HALO movie. Blomkamp was also asked about the much more realistic depiction of sci-fi that he was pursuing, saying that "I was going to push that as far as [I could] until the studios kind of threw a noose around me. I was going to go as far with that as I possibly could. I wanted it to feel like the most brutal, real version of science fiction in a war environment that you've seen in a while. And Universal was on board with that. I don't really remember what Fox thought about it, but Universal seemed down with it. It would have been cool, it would have been a unique take on things, science fiction in a dirty, organic way." Click HERE to check out the rest of the interview.
Extra Tidbit: Check out all 3 of the HALO shorts HERE.



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