RIP Henry Gibson

Henry Gibson is a name that you may not recognize, but when you see his face you realize you know him well.

Sadly, Gibson passed away after a brief battle with cancer at the age of 73. The comic actor had several bit parts before getting his breakthrough on NBC's LAUGH-IN. During the three seasons he was on the show, his most popular bit involved coming out on stage with a giant flower reciting, "A Poem by Henry Gibson".

The great "that guy" actor starred in four Robert Altman films starting with THE LONG GOODBYE in 1973. The second Altman film Gibson was in, NASHVILLE earned him a Golden Globe nomination as well as a National Society of Film Critics supporting-actor award for his portrayal of country singer Haven Hamilton. The actor had parts in several other movies such as MAGNOLIA, WEDDING CRASHERS, THE 'BURBS, BLUES BROTHERS, and BIO- DOME.

Another memorable film he did was CHARLOTTE'S WEB, where he provided the voice of the beloved Wilbur the pig. He did several other voice acting parts in various movies and television shows. Just the other day I saw Gibson in an episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT that was directed by Tom Hanks. His most current role was on the popular BOSTON LEGAL as Judge Clark Brown. Anytime you saw the dry humored actor you knew you were in for something short but significant and he always delivered.

Yes, it's BIO-DOME but Gibson is one of the best parts. This is also one of my guilty pleasure movies. Plus there aren't a lot of good clips for him, which is sad.

Extra Tidbit: Gibson appeared in the first episode of the awesome EERIE, INDIANA.
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