Ritchie lands Lobo

Well, this is a match made in WTF if I've ever seen one. Guy Ritichie's next project after SHERLOCK HOLMES will be none other than LOBO. That’s right, the large, blue, intergalactic bounty hunter is getting his very own feature film, complete with A-list director.

So that’s the good news. The bad? Warner Bros. is aiming for a PG-13 rating, which normally isn’t worth bitching about for superhero movies, but this is Lobo we’re talking about here for crying out loud. The picture to the right here was practically the tamest one I could find. Lobo is like if Wolverine was a blue porn actor/rock star/killer-for-hire, and watching him squeeze into PG-13 territory will be uncomfortable to say the least.

But in any case, it’s without a doubt good, if not odd, news that Ritchie is at the helm, so at least we can expect some amount of quality devoted to this worthy anti-hero. And now, the inevitable speculation will turn to casting. Who exactly do you think has the blue balls to play Lobo himself?

Extra Tidbit: Take that Disney/Marvel!
Source: Variety



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