Rob Corddry spins into Butter, joins Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson

If all went according to play, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE would've been a huge financial hit and Rob Corddry, who absolutely steals the show, would have been launched into stardom a la Zach Galifianakis. As it turns out, HTTM was a big critical success but never really connected with audiences like MGM hoped it might. I remain convinced Corddry will still be a big star it just may not happen overnight.

One step in that direction though is his next starring role in the Weinstein Co. dramedy BUTTER. Corddry will co-star with Jennifer Garner and Kate Hudson in the film about an Iowa woman who attempts to win a butter carving contest but is thwarted by an upstart on the circuit: a young black girl.

While that may sound like an odd plot for a movie, look at it this way...it's an allegorical tale for the Hilary Clinton/Barack Obama battle for the Democratic presidential ticket. In the film, Garner will play a woman who goes after the butter carving title after her husband, the former winner (and current philanderer who's cheating with Kate Hudson's character), is "termed out." She's widely expected to be the winner but a young African-American challenges her title (and sanity).

It's that fresh take that landed the 2008 script by Jason Micalleff on the Black List of the best unproduced screenplays. Jim Field Smith, who directed SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE, will direct the film, which begins production later this spring in Louisiana.

Extra Tidbit: Jim Carrey was originally attached to star in the film but he eventually dropped out.
Source: LA Times



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