Robert Downey Jr. wants to make the lost Steve McQueen adventure movie

Is Robert Downey Jr. this century's Steve McQueen? He's certainly got the spirit and coolness quotient, and now he has a piece of his legacy.

RDJ and his wife, producer Susan Downey, have their first project for their brand new production company Team Downey: YUCATAN, an unfinished project from the epitome of old-school Hollywood cool.

A quarter-century after the legendary McQueen left the world, his son Chad found the storyboards and notes (around 1700 pages worth) for the project in the vault of his iconic dad. The material provided a blueprint for a heist flick about a gang of thieves seeking a stash of long-buried Mayan treasure on the Yucatan peninsula. Steve McQueen had planned to star, but THE HUNTER would be his final film.

Downey has brought in his SHERLOCK HOLMES producer Dan Lin for the project, and intends to star in the eventual film. Team Downey is also on the hunt for a suitable project for RDJ to direct.

Extra Tidbit: YUCATAN was previously in the hands of McG. Think it's better off now?



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