Robert Rodriguez already has ideas for more Machete movies

It's only a couple more weeks before Danny Trejo hacks through his problems in MACHETE, but his vengeful Mexican have more wetwork ahead of him.

At least, that's what Robert Rodriguez is planning. The director-writer-producer-caterer was thinking ahead with his grindhouse trailer-turned-feature: "Some people who didn’t die in the film actually did die, I just cut out their deaths. I wanted to save them for a sequel, but you actually see that they did perish. Where the movie will go next? I have a bunch of ideas for it. It’s all in the end titles. We have to make them, of course, MACHETE KILLS and MACHETE KILLS AGAIN. Once you put it out there, just like we did with the trailer, you have to make it."

Make no mistake -- RR made Trejo a leading man and rounded up that eclectic cast because you apparently demanded it. "When I made that trailer, for years — more than SIN CITY 2 — people would say, 'when are you going to make MACHETE?' This movie is almost a response to the fans. If they hadn't been after me... about making the movie, I really don't think we would gotten around do doing it."

So whattaya say -- you want more MACHETE or would you rather have Rodriguez focus on his long list of other projects?

Extra Tidbit: Maybe this will make Trejo big enough to be a member of the team in Sly's next EXPENDABLES?
Source: The Playlist



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