Robert Rodriguez in serious talks for Deadpool

A little over a month ago it was being reported that Robert Rodriguez's name was being tossed around to direct DEADPOOL. Fox wouldn’t comment, only admitting he did receive a script, but now it seems that things are moving in a more serious direction.

According to the LA Times, things have moved beyond casual conversation and have worked their way into actual deal points, and it could be the director’s next project after SPY KIDS 4 (seriously, he’s still making those?). This works out fine because Ryan Reynolds is just now finishing GREEN LANTERN filming, and will probably be shooting THE CHANGE UP before DEADPOOL starts anyway.

What do you think about Rodriguez taking the helm for the film? It seems a little mainstream for him, but I thought that his touch was much appreciated on PREDATORS, a film from a franchise that should be long dead, but actually managed to crank out an enjoyable experience against all odds. I’m all for Rodriguez’s directorial eye here, but I think they might want someone a bit funnier to write the script. Tarantino maybe? Hah. But seriously…

Extra Tidbit: Now, how do we fit Danny Trejo into Deadpool?
Source: LA Times



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