Robert Schwentke officially on RIPD, but does Ryan Reynolds have time?

A few weeks ago, it was rumored that RED director Robert Schwentke was being courted to helm RIPD, which stars Ryan Reynolds as an undead cop, policing evil. But now that rumbling is now official, and Schwentke has the job for real.

The problem is, Ryan Reynolds is currently the new Will Smith (speaking of, what the hell is Will Smith doing lately?), and he's signed up for a ton of projects in the near future, and it's unclear how RIPD will fit into all of them.

Deadline reports that Reynolds will shoot THE CHANGE UP first, then SAFE HOUSE with Denzel Washington and THEN RIPD. Currently, he's starring in BURIED and has just wrapped shooting GREEN LANTERN. And notice that DEADPOOL wasn't mentioned anywhere in here, which is sad, because out of all of these, it's the role I was most looking forward to him playing.

Schwentke better hope that Reynolds remembers his film in a year or so, after he's done shooting all these other ones. The kid's a star now, and could jump ship if he finds something bigger.

Extra Tidbit: Obligatory time to mention that in addition to being the most sought after movie star on the planet right now, he's also banging Scarlett Johansson every night.
Source: Deadline



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