Roberts in Dark Knight

It's been a pretty good year for Eric Roberts. First, he signed on to star in a recurring role on NBC's hit series "Heroes." His daughter, Emma, stars in this summer's NANCY DREW. And BEST OF THE BEST is the 2,849th best-selling DVD on Amazon.com. Add to all of that the news that Mr. Roberts has just signed on to star in THE DARK KNIGHT. According to the LA Daily News, Roberts will play a "mafia kingpin" not unlike the character Tom Wilkinson played in BATMAN BEGINS. Roberts likely will play Sal Maroni, a major competitor in the mob business with Wilkinson's Carmine Falcone. Both characters appeared in "The Long Halloween," a storyline that was influential in the BATMAN BEGINS script (in fact a 48-page excerpt is included in the BATMAN BEGINS DVD). Filming, as I'm sure you've heard over and over again, is currently underway in Chicago. Thanks to Dave for the heads up on the scoop.

Extra Tidbit: More trivia: Believe it or not, Eric Roberts was actually nominated for an Oscar. Name the film.
Source: LA Daily News



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