Rock & Zod get Smart

I never thought that a GET SMART movie would ever get much interest out of me but Steve Carell is pretty much the only guy that can fill Don Adams' telephoned shoes and Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 is spot on as well. Now we have news that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Terrence Stamp have joined the cast making this film sound actually pretty cool. The Rock will play a newly created character, Agent 23, while Stamp will play the head of evil organization KAOS. What tempers my expectations among this fine casting work is the man behind the camera Peter Segal who has disappointed before with ANGER MANAGEMENT and THE LONGEST YARD. But maybe now that he's out from under the thumb of Adam Sandler he'll have more free reign. Filming on GET SMART is scheduled to begin filming next month in Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Moscow while Carell is on hiatus from "The Office." The Rock can be seen next in the upcoming football-based romantic comedy THE GAME PLAN.

Source: Variety



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