Rocker Slash getting into the horror picture game

Move over Rob Zombie, there's a new appropriate named rocker in town trying to make horror movies. Yup, it's Slash, who has just formed "Slasher Films" (what else). Deadline reports that they're going to be focused on "edgy contemporary horror fare with a nod to the thrillers of the '70s and '80s."

Their first film will be NOTHING TO FEAR, where a family moves to a small town and is tormented by a demon with INSATIABLE BLOODLUST. Rarrrr!

Here's what Slash has to say about why he's taking on this new endeavor.

"I've always been a huge horror fan and creating films that take you back to the days where horror movies actually scared the hell out of you is something I've always wanted to do. My audience is made up of young, edgy, discerning consumers, with an appetite for quality and a hint of anarchy."

Horror movies that actually scare you? A novel idea to be sure. Will young consumers understand the '70s and '80s references? Will their appetite for anarchy allow them to sit in a theater long enough without burning it down? Slash had better star in at least one of these. He kind of looks like a serial killer if you had no idea who he was.

Extra Tidbit: I know he's polarizing, and many of you love him, so in that spirit let me say, I hate, hate, hate, hate Rob Zombie movies.
Source: Deadline



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