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Rock's a Black Friend


That's not very subtle, Chris...

Racial comedy is always a little risky, but when it's Chris Rock it sure is funny as heck. With Oprah producing though...

Lionsgate and Winfrey's Harpo Films shingle are developing a comedy based on a Devin Friedman article published in GQ a little while ago where the reporter tried to see if a middle-aged white guy could make friends outside his social and racial circle - by posting an ad on Craiglist. That last part is worth a comedy all on its own.

WILL YOU BE MY BLACK FRIEND already has Chris Rock on board, with no lead yet announced to play Friedman himself. He looks a little bit like a dark-haired (and slightly older) Ryan Gossling, and I'd love to see that guy flex his comedic muscles. How 'bout it?

Extra Tidbit: I never placed or answered an ad on that Craiglist thingie; is it as bad as everyone says?



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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