Rock's Hair Trailer

GOOD HAIR poster

I've never really been big on Chris Rock 'cause I drink enough coffee as it is, I usually don't need to watch someone ever more strung out than I am. But I do appreciate offbeat documentaries that take a crooked look at an otherwise banal subject, and Rock seems to have put it right in the middle with this one, even winning the Special Jury Prize at Sundance.

With first time director Jeff Stilson, Rock produces and stars in GOOD HAIR, about the lesser-known side of what women with impossible hair will go through to look like Beyonce. Sounds a little on the snooze size when you say it, yet have a look at this trailer below. Fun to watch if only for that creepy guy with the huge 'fro that could swallow Chicago.

Extra Tidbit: Rock is co-writing and producing a US remake of Frank Oz's hilarious DEATH AT A FUNERAL. I'm back to not liking Chris Rock now.
Source: Empire Online



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