Rocky rocks BNAT

Sylvester Stallone Harry and his cohorts over at Ain't It Cool News recently spent twenty-four hours straight binging on movies at Harry's annual Butt-Numb-A-Thon and, as always, there were a few special screenings of upcoming films. One of those happened to be ROCKY BALBOA and, as expected, Harry loved the hell out of it. How could he not, really? Of course it kicked ass. In fact, judging from the trailers, this one looks like it'll be the best of the bunch. In keeping with that, he's also posted the ninth and tenth parts of his twenty-part ongoing Q & A with Sylvester Stallone. We'd previously directed you to parts' one through five so here are the rest: Part Six, Part Seven and Part Eight. If there's one thing that's absolutely clear from these interviews, it's that Sly is, in fact, awesome. ROCKY BALBOA opens December 20th.

Extra Tidbit: The fight entrance before Rocky's climactic fight with Mason Dixon was filmed during a real-life Middleweight Championship match (a rematch, in fact, between Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins).
Source: AICN



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