Rodriguez to Clash?

UPDATE - AICN spoke directly to Rodriguez who says that while he was offered the CLASH OF THE TITANS gig, he turned it down...

I love Robert Rodriguez but why is it the guy's name is attached to half the projects that come out of Hollywood. The latest one to add to the rumor mill is CLASH OF THE TITANS as Latino Review reports Warner Bros. is set to offer Rodriguez the directing gig. In just the past year alone Rodriguez has been rumored to be directing LAND OF THE LOST, THE JETSONS and BARBARELLA. With BARBARELLA in some kind of weird limbo and LAND OF THE LOST given to Brad Silberling, Rodriguez seems to be looking for something to do. Latino stresses that no deal is in place and only an offer at this point. Lawrence Kasdan wrote the script for the CLASH remake and it's clear WB would like to get this into production sometime in early 2008. I say it's probably the smarter move for Rodriguez. Leave BARBARELLA and all the baggage it has wrought behind and just move forward with what would probably be a more entertaining film anyway. Only time will tell though what Rodriguez will be up to. He may decide he wants to attach himself to a remake of STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT! and all this talk will be moot. Stay tuned as the story develops...

Extra Tidbit: Harry Hamlin, star of the original TITANS, again played Perseus in the videogame "God of War II"
Source: Latino Review



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