Rogen is Green Hornet?

Seth Rogen Seth Rogen as a crime fighting superhero? If the LA Times is to be believed, you bet your ass. According to their sources, the undisputed king of this year's R-rated, reality-based foul yet heartwarming comedy has inked a deal to write and likely star in THE GREEN HORNET for Columbia. The film has been batted around different studios for some time now with Kevin Smith at one point attached to write and direct an adaptation but ultimately dropping the project when he realized action really wasn't his bag. If Rogen is indeed to star as masked crime fighter Brit Reid, it's clear they're going with a spoofy action comedy angle with the flick. Unless, of course, Rogen plans on turning himself into a ripped, muscle bound man-candy action star in the time leading up to the start of production. But that's about as likely as Lindsay Lohan living a quiet, drug and party-free life. If Rogen does pan out, production should get underway next year for a 2009 release.

Extra Tidbit: Jet Li has been rumored to be up for the role of Reid's martial arts master sidekick Kato. Rogen and Li together? That coupling may just rival Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the bizarre, morbidly intriguing cinematic pairing department.
Source: LA Times



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