Rogen on Simpsons

We've been hearing about Seth Rogen's role as a writer on "The Simpsons" for over a year now and finally this Sunday we get to see his creation. Rogen's episode will open the 21st season for "The Simpsons" and was written by Evan Goldberg and Rogen, who will also voice a character in the episode. The episode follows a new superhero (created by Comic Book Guy) whose exploits are turned into a movie with Homer cast as the lead role. In order to get into shape he's assigned a trainer (Rogen) who does everything he can to get Homer to slim down.

If it sounds familiar, it might be because it's not the first time a "Simpsons" episode has dealt with a character being cast in a superhero movie (see "Radioactive Man"). If it sounds familiar for another reason, it's because it follows Rogen's own travails getting into shape for THE GREEN HORNET. "I had to lose weight and do a lot of physical training. It seemed hilarious to us as it was happening," says Rogen. "The Simpsons" premieres this Sunday at 8pm on Fox.

Extra Tidbit: Rogen and Ricky Gervais are the only people outside of the show's staff to write a script for an episode.
Source: USA Today



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