Rogen's new date

With Seth Rogen comfortably sitting in the "Next Big Thing" chair, expect to see his name and face all over the place. But if you want to see his upcoming comedy THE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS... you'll have to wait until August. Of next year.

Sony has slotted Rogen's headlining gig for August 3, 2008, obviously hoping for another R-rated summer success. Given the increasingly competitive schedule jockeying the studios do now, I suppose it's no surprise that they would try to stake territory with what seems like a sure thing, but many of us would prefer our Rogen sooner... As it is, he'll have to contend with HELLBOY 2 and Brendan Fraser's JOURNEY 3-D, which I guess is a musical featuring hits like "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Wheel In The Sky".

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS follows a pair of stoners who go on the run from the police after witnessing a cop commit a murder. I'm not laughing yet, but I know I will be. Rogen's high school comedy SUPERBAD hits August 17th, of this year.
Extra Tidbit: August was long considered a dumping ground for crappy movies until THE FUGITIVE set a new standard, combining quality and profitability. Now the crappy movies are dumped in January. And most months ending in Y. Or a consonant.
Source: Variety



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