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Roger Ebert gets to speak again, sorta (on Oprah!)


Roger Ebert might have lost his voice (and some of his face) to cancer, but the legendary critic still has plenty to say.

And he'll actually get to say it, in a fashion, thanks to some savvy programmers and DVD commentary tracks he previously recorded.

Scottish company CereProc blended several digital recordings of Ebert's own speech that will "talk" based on what he types. Good thing all those fingers work as well as the thumbs.

His text-to-audio voice will first be heard on Tuesday's episode of "Oprah", where he will offer his Oscar predictions. Ebert says (well, types) that he might also be able to use the voice for radio and webcasts.

And in case you missed it, check out Ebert's poignant Esquire interview RIGHT HERE, and his own follow-up to the story HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Hard to believe Ebert hasn't been heard in four years, since the operation that both saved and silenced him.



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