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Filmmaker Robert Zemeckis has done more than drop hints about possibly bringing ROGER RABBIT (and his busty bride) back to screens.

A few months ago, he mentioned using the latest digital tools and performance capture to assist in crafting a sequel to WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (don't worry, the spastic bunny and his associates will still be done in old-school 2D animation).

Now MTV got word straight from Zemeckis that a script is being worked on... and it should have the sensibilities of the first classic, since it's being penned by the original movie's screenwriters Jeffrey Price and Peter Seaman.

While we don't know what twists and turns they'll take in Toontown, it's probably safe to assume that all the previous plans for sequels (ROGER RABBIT AND THE TOON PLATOON, WHO DISCOVERED ROGER RABBIT) and author Gary Wolf's follow-up novel will be ignored.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that's the exquisite Jessica Biel dressed as Jessica Rabbit. One item checked off the fantasy list...
Source: MTV



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