Romeo Must Die again??

Jet Li admitted to me in our interview last summer that he knew ROMEO MUST DIE wasn't a great movie and he was hurt that the vast majority of his fans were let down by the film. So instead of distancing himself from projects of that sort, he signs up for CRADLE TO THE GRAVE, a project featuring three major players from ROMEO - producer Joel Silver, director Andrzej Bartkowiak, and the lyrical genius behind such lines as "Love my niggas but where's my bitches," rapper DMX. They even go so far as to say they're following the ROMEO style of inexpensive special effects, strong action and a hip soundtrack.  Yeah, cause it worked so well the first time...

The film will follow a cop (Li) who is forced to team with a street crook to find a girl kidnapped by a crime boss intent on obtaining rare diamonds and taking over the world and Jesus Christ my f*cking head is spinning. Anyway, I hope they can make this format work but let's just stay away from the kung-fu style used in the first film.  Just let Jet do his thing, kick a little ass and get out of his way.  Simple, right? Riiiiiight.

Source: Variety
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