Ron Howard considering Viggo Mortsensen for The Dark Tower's Roland Deschain

Well this would be a Christmas wish answered, but unfortunately it's not solid news yet. The LA Times has a rather lengthy piece with Ron Howard where they discuss the insanely ambitious Dark Tower movie/miniseries project he's helming.

Naturally, the issue of Roland Deschain comes up, who Stephen King blatantly modeled after Clint Eastwood gunslinger characters, though as much of a badass as he is, the man is far too old for the part. So who's next in line?

The character is a fan-favorite and Howard knows that the casting will be closely scrutinized. As this point in the process, most filmmakers would never engage in casual banter about the possible actors but Howard didn’t dodge the topic and nodded when names such as Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm were mentioned.

“Sure, those are some names and on ‘The Dark Tower’ fansites they’re all about Viggo,” Howard said, referring to Viggo Mortensen, who has plenty of appropriate experience — he’s roamed a desolate, otherworldly landscape in “The Road,” wore iron on his hip in “Appaloosa” and forever won over fantasy fans as Aragornin ”The Lord of the Rings” films.

Hmm so unprovoked, Howard brings up Viggo? I definitely think that out of every name considered, Mortensen is far and away the best pick. Watch THE ROAD and HISTORY OF VIOLENCE again if you disagree.

But I'll only celebrate when it all comes together, as this project would be a massive time commitment for everyone involved. I really do hope it's him though. Then get Joseph Gordon Levitt as Eddie and we'll be rolling.

Go here to read the rest of the Times' interview with Howard.

Extra Tidbit: I have no idea how you translate some of the latter events in this series to reality. Can you really break the fourth wall to that degree?
Source: LA Times



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