Ron Howard does futuristic fairy tales with the graphic novel Legends

Movies based on familiar (and conveniently public domain) fairy tales are the current rage, and now filmmaker Ron Howard is getting in on the act.

Howard and his manga-haired producing partner Brian Grazer have snapped up the rights to LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED, an action/sci-fi variation of the old classic Grimm stories. The painted graphic novel by Nick Percival is published this month by Radical Studios.

The book's synopsis: Violently ripped from the pages of folklore come the Enchanted. Supernatural immortals living in a dark, steampunk, creature-infested world where nature, technology and foul magic are in constant conflict. When the twisted, burnt remains of the half-wooden, half-mechanical warrior, Pinocchio, are discovered, wolf hunter Red Hood and giant killer Jack realize the fragile rules of their existence have been shattered. With the help of other powerful Enchanted (the mercenary, Goldilocks and psychic exterminators, Hansel and Gretel), Jack and Red team up on an adventure to stop whatever, or whoever is destroying their powers and murdering their kind.

The Image Entertainment producers and Radical Pictures are early in development on the feature -- no writer(s) or studio is yet involved. Radical has several other books in the works for movie adaptation, including SHRAPNEL, LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME, and CALIBER, with Johnny Depp's production company.

Extra Tidbit: Guess I can put my similar spec script GRIMM FUTURE back in the drawer...
Source: Heat Vision



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