Rookie on Logan?

Bryan Singer had already done previsualization work on a LOGAN'S RUN remake when he left to go work on SUPERMAN RETURNS. When he was done with that film he didn't return to LOGAN'S and, as you might have heard, left to Germany to do a little movie with Tom Cruise (VALKYRIE). Warner Bros. moved on talking to a number of other directors but eventually decided on a guy you've probably never heard of. Joseph Kosinski, who's never directed a feature before, will make his directorial debut on LOGAN'S RUN after a detailed pitch that involved artwork and previs animation detailing his concept of the film. Even better is how Kosinski got his start in Hollywood. Kosinski was an architecture student at Columbia when David Fincher saw some of his work and invited him to Hollywood. He set him up at his Anonymous Content production house where he worked on ads for Nike, Microsoft and Apple. Now he's a Professor of Architecture at Columbia and is directing a LOGAN'S RUN remake for Joel Silver. You can check out some of his work at his official website here. I'm always up for bringing in fresh new talent on film's like these because they'll hopefully have fresh outlooks. Kosinksi's vision for the film is apparently much closer to the novel than the 1976 movie. It is anticipated the film will use the 300 style of green-screen filmmaking to keep the budget manageable.

Extra Tidbit: I toiled away in an architecture firm for years and no one ever saw my work and thought I should remake a 70s cult classic...
Source: Variety



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