Rosario does the web

I don't keep a close eye on what's going on on TV. Sure I'll catch a random episode of "Intervention" (like this soon-to-be classic) but I usually just watch whatever happens to be on. So if actual TV shows aren't regular viewing for me, web TV shows are probably even further down my radar. But when your web TV show stars Rosario Dawson, my already too-large ears perk up.

We all know Rosario is a super fangirl and loves doing stuff like creating graphic novels and voicing superhero cartoons ("Wonder Woman") and she apparently likes starring in webisodes as well. She's starring in "Gemini Division," an upcoming web-only series that will begin airing on NBC.com on August 18th. The plot seems kind of complicated to get into right now but it seems like a cross between "NYPD Blue" and "The X-Files." "Gemini" will consist of 50 7-minute episodes available here. You can check out the trailer below and below that you can check out why I think Rosario Dawson might be the hottest fangirl ever (call me!)...

Extra Tidbit: Rosario was just hanging out with fans at the Comic-Con hotel bar last year.
Source: JoBlo.com



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