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Rosario gets explicit

Iíve been on the brink of crushing on Rosario Dawson for a while now. Sheís so gorgeous (skinny with big chest, yay!) and seems so chill, but I havenít crushed on her the way Iíve crushed on other celebrities, like Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, and even Jewel. And I prefer brunettes too. It usually takes a specific film role or performance for the crush switch to flip on, and I havenít gotten that from Rosario yet (the RENT trailer almost did it, though).

Now Rosario has given herself another shot to get me to fall in love with and stalk her by signing on to star in the indie flick EXPLICIT ILLS. The movie will be the first directed by Mark Webber, an actor who recently starred in Ethan Hawkeís THE HOTTEST STATE. Itís a story about ďdrugs and poverty and the choices that people make.Ē Other cast members include Paul Dano (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE), Naomie Harris (28 DAYS LATER) and indie stalwart Lou Pucci (THUMBSUCKER). Dawson will play a woman with an asthmatic son and no health insurance, who falls in love with the blind man who cleans her goldfish tank. That last part was a joke.

Extra Tidbit: I fell for Cameron after THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, Gwyneth after SHALLOW HAL, and even Julia Roberts after she played Tinkerbell in HOOK. I'm messed up.
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