Rosario Washington?

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Frank Miller probably isn’t done with movies yet, so hopefully his first “solo” effort will have been nothing but a fluke. And a bad memory. One movie he seems keen on doing is about his own MARTHA WASHINGTON. And according to Dave Gibbons, Rosario Dawson would be Frank’s gal to bare the flag.

Talking to the folks of Digital Spy this week, comics man extraordinaire Gibbons confessed that he and Miller are eager to be bringing the character they both created to the big screen, although both of them are a tad too busy to actually move forward with it any time soon. And by busy I hope to hell he means we’ll actually get to see SIN CITY 2 & 3 before Christian Bale is old enough to be in Miller’s Dark Knight Returns movie. One dares to dream...

The Washington character, appearing in a few limited series and one-shots since 1990, is a fighter who joins a near-future incarnation of the American army for all sorts of sci-fi missions. I guess. I have to plead shameful ignorance on that one.

Gibbons’ comments come exactly one month after Dark Horse published a hardcover compilation of the Martha Washington comics. Because she was a hip, hip lady, man. THAT, I know.

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Source: Digital Spy



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