Rossum has Balls

I've wondered many a time why Emmy Rossum isn't a bigger star. She's beautiful, talented, classy... so why isn't she more of a Natalie Portman? Maybe she needs someone to help make her acting decisions. After taking time off movies to work on a CD, Rossum will return with a starring role in Fox's DRAGONBALL. DRAGONBALL? Seriously? Yup, seriously. Rossum will star as Bulma, a girl whose father's Dragon Ball is stolen by the villainous Piccolo (Marsters). Justin Chatwin previously signed on to play the lead, Goku, a warrior protecting the universe from evil forces. James Wong (FINAL DESTINATION) is directing from a script he wrote. Rossum has been plagued by poor acting choices from the underperforming PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to the just plain terrible POSEIDON. This is a girl who was a member of the Metropolitan Opera and sang with Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. And now DRAGONBALL? But hey, a girl's gotta make a buck, right? I can't fault her for that. DRAGONBALL is currently filming in Mexico and Los Angeles.

Extra Tidbit: Rossum graduated high school at 15 through Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY).
Source: Variety



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