Roth goes PG-13

After putting his promising career on the line with HOSTEL 2, you’re damn right Eli Roth wants to make a PG-13 blockbuster next. The horror director told reporters backstage at the NME awards that he’s two weeks away from finishing a script inspired by the recent success of CLOVERFIELD and TRANSFORMERS. "This will be my first big-budget, PG-13, mass-destruction movie," Roth said. "I went total chaos and pandemonium." I love Roth’s confidence. He feels like all he has to do is put the words on the page and the movie is as good as made. But Roth won’t be going to Lionsgate, the indie shingle who made CABIN FEVER and his HOSTEL movies. Roth is bringing this to the “big guns” as he puts it. Roth also had this to say:

"I feel like I pushed the violence in R movies about as far as I can push it. I feel like I'm bled out. I wanna switch it up. Everyone I know has been saying 'When are you gonna do a movie my kids can see?' And finally, I'm gonna make a movie that 13-year-old kids can see."

What do you think? Does Roth have blockbuster chops, or will he be lost once he finds himself out of the hard R horror world?

Extra Tidbit: Roth hinted towards a big announcement on this film next month.
Source: Yahoo!



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