Roth talks trailers

My observation, during my time here is that opinion over Eli Roth has been fairly diametric. I not really a big horror guy, in fact the last horror flick I saw was... actually nope, I can't even remember, but either way I haven't gotten around to seeing any of Roth's films. My feeling however, is that if he's alright by Tarantino, then he's alright by me. So I'm pretty interested in what Roth had to say about a concept for a movie he was thinking about doing:

“I’m going to be doing a film of all fake trailers, like Thransgiving, called Trailer Trash. I want to make a movie like Borat or Jackass that’s literally completely ridiculous, totally silly and absurd, that’s just all fake trailers. I have a genius way to tie it all together so it will actually play like a movie,” Roth revealed to Collider at the Saturn Awards. “I want to do this with a budget because they have to look like movies. Literally I’ll have the satisfaction because it will feel like I made 30 movies.”"That’s the beauty of Trailer Trash - you just need good gags and good kills.”

Good idea? Well I'm not sure you could really bash this idea yet, since it's a unique one in a medium that should be embracing anything or anyone that even attempts something new. However, I'm sure a lot of you will end up bashing it, due to your pathological hatred of the man's work, and I can't really blame you, I do the same with Uwe Boll.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently, Edgar Wright, Greg Nicoatero and Robert Rodriguez would also get in on the action.
Source: Collider



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