Roth's Cell crazies

Hostel Part II Eli Roth is currently putting the finishing touches on his torture opus sequel HOSTEL PART II (or as it's more properly known ELI ROTH PRESENTS ELI ROTH'S HOSTEL PART II [A FILM BY ELI ROTH]) but he's already looking to the future and his horror thriller CELL, Stephen King's love letter to possessed zombie-like lunatics. Roth recently spoke to Sci Fi Wire about how he intends to approach the film and its particular brand of cell phone signal induced murderous psychopaths. He relates: "I love the opening [scene]…But I also want to keep,…not necessarily that same chaotic tone, but I want to keep the tension of the opening 40 pages of the book going throughout the whole film and introduce other elements. Because I think the book, for me, where it loses tension is where suddenly you don't feel like the phone crazies are trying to kill them. I find that it's finding other ways to make it so you still feel the tension that any second you could get killed [and] carrying that throughout the whole film." Read the rest of what he had to say over HERE. HOSTEL PART II opens June 8th.

Extra Tidbit: The character of Charles Ardai in the novel was named after the entrepreneur who published King's novel "The Colorado Kid".
Source: Sci Fi Wire



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