Rourke Has 11 Mins

Just because Mickey Rourke is a movie star again, and just because he loves dogs, it doesn't mean that he's gone soft. And it sure as hell doesn't mean that you'll be seeing the perennial bad boy voicing any talking sharks in some Pixar film anytime soon. Mickey knows what he likes, and according to his choice of projects, Mickey likes the dirty.

Along with Alice Braga and Vincent Cassel, Rourke is set to star in 11 MINUTES, an adaptation of the sordid Paulo Coehlo novel, which is to be directed by Hany Abu-Assad (PARADISE NOW). Braga plays a heartbroken woman-turned-high-priced call girl who works at an upscale gentlemen's club in Geneva. Cassel plays a music executive who gets her hooked on S&M, and Rourke plays a club owner. I guess Rourke figures that if he can't partake in life's simple pleasures anymore, he might as well be playing someone that can.

Shooting begins June 1st in Brazil and Geneva. I would give my left nut, and my brother's right nut just to be on this set for even a single day. Sorry Ben.
Extra Tidbit: Rourke was offered and declined the role of Butch Coolidge, which later became Bruce Willis' role in PULP FICTION. Ouch.
Source: Variety



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