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Rourke is a hitman


Judging by the way he's gathering up projects, Mickey Rourke is afraid he'll get kicked out of Hollywood again. It's okay, Mickey, you can stay!

The well-worn Rourke has joined an indie drama called ST. VINCENT, marking the fourth movie he's associated with since THE WRESTLER started getting critical attention. The new project comes from director Walter Hill and involves a professional killer masquerading as a priest to finish an assignment in New York.

Hill is known for making manly movies for men (48 HRS., THE WARRIORS, the underappreciated EXTREME PREJUDICE), and Rourke is known for being a manly man, so it seems like a perfect match. The pair already worked together on the manly gangster movie JOHNNY HANDSOME.

Rourke is also spinning around IRON MAN 2, THE EXPENDABLES, and a Bolly/Hollywood project called BROKEN HORSES.

Extra Tidbit: I would lay down a stack of cash for a remastered director's cut of Hill's great car chase flick THE DRIVER.
Source: Variety



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