Rourke is Expendable!

Did you need another reason to get excited about Sly Stallone's all-star action smackdown THE EXPENDABLES?

Fine, here you go: Mickey Rourke.

The recently resuscitated actor, riding the crest of much-deserved attention for THE WRESTLER, has joined Sly's "guys on a mission" flick as "an unscrupulous arms dealer who becomes the go-to guy for a group of mercenaries planning to topple a South American dictator."

In case you forgot, the project already has Stallone (who also writes and directs), Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Forest Whitaker, Robert Knepper, Juliana Paes, and possibly Sir Ben Kingsley. Plus a lead female role remains as yet unfilled.

This thing is turning into one giant reunion -- Stallone brought Rourke on board his 2000 remake of GET CARTER, and Rourke just worked with Statham on the remake of the French thriller 13 TZAMETI. Start clicking through IMDB to figure out who else might be next!

Extra Tidbit: Curiously, Rourke's DOUBLE TEAM co-star Jean-Claude Van Damme reportedly passed on the project. He's probably kicking himself now (and he probably can).
Source: Variety



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