Rourke is Ice Man?

Nope, craggy warhorse Mickey Rourke isn't following his IRON MAN 2 appearance by taking over as the X-Men's frozen mutant. But he is supposedly stepping in for Channing Tatum.

Last month we heard that writer Philip Carlo wouldn't renew the rights for his bestseller THE ICE MAN to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura (TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE) because he wasn't keen on the proposed casting of Tatum as the real-life mob hitman Richard Kuklinski.

But (according to the Enquirer-like New York Post), Rourke has met with the author in regards to the role, which he describes as theoretically being "his RAGING BULL". Carlo claims he and Rourke are "producing it together. We'll shoot in the spring in New York, New Jersey and Florida."

The story would look at the infamously sadistic Mafia hitman and how he managed to keep his occupation as vicious contract killer secret from his family.

Rourke has been riding the acclaim of THE WRESTLER by attaching himself to as many projects as possible -- aside from the upcoming IRON MAN 2 and THE EXPENDABLES, he's also got another hitman movie called ST. VINCENT, the Bolly/Hollywood project BROKEN HORSES, an indie called PASSION PLAY (with Megan Fox), is voicing the lead character in the videogame ROGUE WARRIOR, and is rumored for a major part in the next RAMBO.

Extra Tidbit: It's probably just a matter of time before JOHNNY HANDSOME gets a remake. Whoops, shouldn't give anyone ideas...
Source: New York Post



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