Rourke steps in ring

Despite the fact that as recently as two weeks ago Nicolas was spotted taking in a wrestling match in preparation for his upcoming drama THE WRESTLER, the actor has abruptly pulled out of the film. Director Darren Aronofsky, no stranger to actor's dropping out of his films, moved quickly to replace Cage though and has signed Mickey Rourke to take the role. Rourke would play Randy "The Ram" Robinson, an over-the-hill professional wrestler looking to make a comeback. Doesn't Mickey Rourke just make better sense in this role than Nicolas Cage ever would? Mickey Rourke just looks like a professional wrestler. In any event, there was no immediate word on why Cage dropped out of the project. Rourke is currently filming THE INFORMERS for Gregor Jordan and has the long delayed KILLSHOT on the way whenever the Weinsteins see fit to release it. WRESTLER, written by Aronofsky and Robert Siegel, is expected to begin filming in January.

Extra Tidbit: Rourke filmed a role in THE THIN RED LINE but his part got cut.
Source: Variety



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