Rourke still Dynamo?

Mickey Rourke When last we heard about IRON MAN 2 casting, Mickey Rourke had given an understandable fuck you to Marvel for a ridiculous low ball offer to star as a villain in the film (possibly Crimson Dynamo). Like Sam Jackson, who Marvel had also low balled to reprise his role as S.H.I.E.LD. head Nick Fury, he had apparently dropped out of the film for good. Turns out that may have been a little premature as, according to a source for "Hollywood Insider", an "offer still stands, though nothing's yet being negotiated." So they're still sticking to their low ball offer in the hopes that Rourke will what, go back on drugs on decide 250,000 is a fantastic offer? Not bloody likely, Marvel. Honestly, just give the guy a legitimate offer and stop fucking around.

Extra Tidbit: Did Quentin Tarantino also low ball Rourke? Because The Mick turned down the Butch Coolidge role in PULP FICTION (which went to Bruce Willis) and the Stuntman Mike role in GRINDHOUSE (which went to Kurt Russell).
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