Routh is Unthinkable

After being launched from relative obscurity to play The Man of Steel, I thought Brandon Routh had a chance at becoming a bonafied leading man. Well that chance has since come and gone, with Routh well on his way to being diagnosed with Hayden Christensen syndrome.

In what may be a small reversal of fortune, Routh has just been cast, along with Gil Bellows, Martin Donovan and Carrie-Anne Moss, in the upcoming thriller UNTHINKABLE. The cast doesn't exactly scream blockbuster, but it does star Samuel L. Jackson, and he definitely has a fan or two. I never really thought Superman would play second fiddle to Jules Winnfield, but I guess crazier things have happened.

The film will be directed by Gregor Jordan and will follow Routh and Bellows as members of an FBI anti-terrorism team run by Moss' character. With the help of a black-ops agent (Jackson), they're assigned by an FBI director (Donovan) to interrogate an American Muslim man (Sheen) claiming to have nuclear bombs planted in three U.S. cities. Now to quote a line from SUPERMAN RETURNS in an attempt to bless Mr. Routh on his difficult climb to the top: May the force be with you.
Extra Tidbit: He looks pretty creepy in that picture, don't he?
Source: THR



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