Rudd is a Schmuck?

Paul Rudd When last we caught up with the absurdly long gestating DreamWorks project DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS, Steve Carell was in talks to replace Sacha Baron Cohen as star of the film. "Hollywood Insider" is now reporting that though Carell is still in negotiations, the studio has sent an offer out to red hot actor Paul Rudd to co-star in the Jay Roach directed film. The story, a remake of the 1998 French comedy LE DINER DE CONS, centers on a wealthy asshole who has a game going in which he and his friends invite the dumbest person they can find to a dinner in order to make endless fun of them afterwards. Rudd is apparently being offered the part of the wealthy asshole while Carell is still in talks to play the dumb guy the wealthy asshole invites to the dinner. In the meantime, you can get your Rudd fix in the upcoming I LOVE YOU, MAN and THE YEAR ONE.

Extra Tidbit: Rudd agreed to interview Emilie de Ravin for "Interview" magazine because he's a huge fan of "Lost".
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