Rudd is Tomlin

I’m sure most of you have already seen the instantly classic video that’s been making its way around laptops and desktops the world over, of David O. Russell absolutely, utterly, and completely flipping his shit on Lily Tomlin (who holds her own against him) on the set of I HEART HUCKABEES. And of course, as with all popular viral videos, there are already a bunch of spoofs/variations of the clip. And with all of them to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth watching? Easy! The ones with other celebs of course! That’s what makes the following clip so wonderful. We have Paul Rudd playing the Lily Tomlin role, for no apparent reason whatsoever, and comedian Michael Showalter (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER) in the David O. Russell role. Check out the quite funny clip HERE (scroll down just a touch).
Extra Tidbit: Because of constant on-set fighting with director Russell, George Clooney called the THREE KINGS shoot the worst experience of his life.
Source: Media Bistro



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